Certified VIP members reviews

"Thank you so much for your sports tips, best so far!" Julien - Bordeaux.

"Amazing sports tips, best I've seen in a long time!!" Adrien - Berlin.

"The best tips on the internet for real. You guys are rockstars." Nabil - Marseille.

"Thank you so much, guys. Results have been so good, my friends think I'm a sports genius!! Nick - Miami.

"When you wake up in the morning and see your betting account grow bigger each day is just an amazing feeling..." Armin - Amsterdam.

"Even women can win lol Love you guys Pronoclic" Samantha - Rome.

"More money everyday! 180€ in 4 days" Jonathan - Toulouse

"Mad winning combination at 5.75 odds!!!" Sabri - Geneva

"Thank you Pronoclic, you guys are the kings of sports tips" Max - London

"I've been a VIP member for about 10 days now and already 320$ in profit" Seb - Vegas

"I don't know anything about sports and yet I keep winning!! Big love Pronoclic xx" Aurélie - Paris

"Been a member for about 1 month now and made enough money to buy me a new iPhone" John- London

"DAMN!! 120e in profit tonight!! You guys are simply geniuses" Ben - Berlin

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