We are a team of 5 sports experts with a passion for sports tips. With over 8 years of experience and hard work, we have understood that all sports, games, teams and championships are different. Add to this, red cards, fools, injuries, coach decisions, VAR, etc... and the whole game can dramatically change, with odds going from 1.4 to 2.6 & vice versa. 

We analyse hundreds of games of football, basketball and tennis every month to come up with the most viable tips and results. For every game, we analyse both sides (teams or players), their last 10 results, goals, corners, etc... to have a much better insight and make adequate decisions. We do all the hard work so that you don't have to.

The understanding and management of these data require a great deal of experience. See, a championship like the British "Premier League" has higher odds than the French "Ligue 1" because of the higher amount of bets and games throughout the year. The Premier league football style, fast and long means more corner than in a Spanish game for instance. More games mean more injuries, more changes, etc... hence more variables that define the end results.

Did you know that FC Barcelona loses on average 10% of their games every year?

After years of studies and analysis, we've realised that a team like FC Barcelona, which plays 90% of their games after 6 pm, will most likely lose games played before 6 pm, even more so, if the game is played away. This applies to most Spanish teams as games in Spain start late in the evening.

We also use software & algorithms to analyse the last 10 games of each team to know the number of goals scored, conceded, corners, etc... so that we can predict the nearest results. It's from these analyses and results that we confidently provide an amazing 85% success rate throughout the year.

The difference between Wimbledon grass and French open clay!

The difference between the grass and the clay is the reason why a player like Nadal wins more French Opens and fewer Wimbledon and vice versa for Federer. The grass courts of Wimbledon have intentionally been slowed over the last decade in the interest of having longer rallies and presenting a more entertaining experience to the audience, including the number of shots per point. However, there are still significant differences between the grass of Wimbledon and the clay courts at the French Open. As expected, it is still much harder for the receiver to win points at Wimbledon than at the French Open and it is easier for players to hit aces and other outright winners. Because of the difficulty in breaking serve, there were more points, games and sets played per match at Wimbledon and sets were more likely to end in tiebreakers. Comparing the total number of hits and the amount of distance covered by players in a match, you realise that the French Open tends to be longer and involve more running, ideal for a physically strong player like Nadal. Despite playing fewer points, players at the French Open probably get much more of a workout. Service speeds are a bit higher too which means more aces...


Good bankroll management consists of never placing more than 10% of your bankroll/budget on games. In the long term, you will earn more this way. Our strategy is to simply offer tips with odds between 1.4 and 2 and a success rate of 85% rather than higher odds like 2.8-3.0 with a success rate of 50%. In the latter case, you would have more chances by flipping a coin.

Case: If the amount of your bankroll is $500, place 10% of it ($50) on each game following our tips. Based on 4 games per week with an average odd of 1.70 per game, a bet of $50 per game, 3 won and 1 lost. You will, therefore, get a profit of $55 per week, $220 per month. See board below

By using the "compound interest" method, your bankroll/budget is no longer $500 per month but $1440 after 3 months, increasing your daily bets to $144 and profits to $70... This way your annual bankroll goes up to $6493. All our members make these daily profits in 90 minutes since most of our placements are made on football games lasting 90 minutes. 

Our 2018 performance, based on $10 placed per games (up to 4 games per day), following our tips would have gotten you $2,247 in profit.

All this, just by applying our tips from a smartphone, no efforts or experience required. 

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