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We are 2 brothers, sports experts with a passion for sports tips, maths and algorithms. With a combined 10 years experience in sports + the latest algorithms, we've decided to offer our skills to people looking to make money everyday.
Nous sommes 2 frères, experts sportifs et passionnés de sport et de mathématiques. Nous combinons plus de 10 ans d'experience dans le monde des paris et nous avons décidés de partager cette experience pour vous aider à gagner de l'argent.

Very simple:

1/ Join our VIP section (no commitment).
2/ Choose a betting site (you'll find a list on our website).
3/ Receive tips directly on your smartphone. Tips are posted between 11am & 4pm UK time for most games, sometimes later, depending on our analysis.
Access to the VIP section will be processed within 24 hours once you have joined. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram to get our special offers and prizes

Très simple:

1/ Inscrivez -vous à notre section VIP.
2/ Choisissez un site de paris (voir notre liste de sites sur notre page d'acceuil).
3/ Recevez nos pronostiques directement sur votre smartphone. Nos pronostiques sont généralement postés chaque jour entre 13h et 16h heure Anglaise.
Toutes les demandes d'accès aux comptes VIP sont effectués sous 24h après inscription.

There is no minimum required to start. You can start with as low as $5 but we do suggest $100 budget so that you can place $10 (10%) per games and see rapid results. Our average odd is 1.70 which gets you $17 earnings per $10 placed.
Most betting site/bookies will cap a maximum of $5000 budget.
Pas besoin d'un grand capital de départ. Le minimum de budget accepté par les sites de paris est de $5. Nous conseillons tout de même de démarrer avec un budget de $100 et ceci pour pouvoir utiliser les 10% et voir des résultats rapides.
Yes it is. Our website is hosted inside the most secured platform and our payment system protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. We do not hold your personal data. All our bookmakers partners are government regulated platforms.
Oui. Notre site internet est hebergé par la plateforme la plus sécurisé grace a son system crypté 256 bit-SSL. Nous ne stockons pas vos données et information personnelles. Tous les sites de paris sont réglementés par le gouvernement.
For online players, you can withdraw money directly from the bookmaker websites. For players playing from physical shops, you can withdraw directly at the counter once bets have been validated. When registering with online bookmakers, credit card details will be used only for placing bets and withdrawing profits.
Pour les membres utilisant une application, vous pouvez retirer vos gains chaques jours à partir de votre smartphone. Pour ceux qui utilisent les bureaux de tabac, vous pouvez retirer vos gains auprès du bureau de tabac.
A bankroll is the budget allocated to place bets on games. For instance if you like football, you might allocate a specific amount, $100 on football only. Your football bankroll will then be $100.

Bankrolls also enables you to follow and analyse cash flow, winners, losers, withdraws, etc...

To get a good start in betting, you need to establish a bankroll and neve spend more than 10% on each games and never touch this bankroll until satisfied.
Le bankroll est une partie du budget utilisé pour parier, ex: si votre budget est de $100, le bankroll de 10% sera donc $10, à miser sur le match.
- Tips are deep analyses made using data and algorithms to predict the nearest game results, usually with an 85% success rates.

- An advice is an analyses made from our experience as experts, usually with a 55% success rate.
We work tirelessly to provide the best tips so that you can profit from placements. Depending on calendars, you will get minimum 2 tips per day 60/month. Please be aware that we're not responsible for sports calendars and that we'd rather offer viable tips than losing ones.

PS : the purpose is to win and not to loose therefore we'd rather offer you good viable winning tips even if not many.
No, you do not need any knowledge or experience. Our team analyse all the games and provide you with everything you need to copy us and place bets.

Details are send to you in writing and with pictures so that you have no issues going through the process of placing bets.
An odd is the potential profit that you can make from placing a bet if it is a winning bet. Bookmakers have different odds so make sure to choose the best odd before placing bets. An odd is a number (1.75 or 2) that can never be less than 1. It is the odd the bookmaker thinks has the highest chance of happening (ie: a $100 placed with an odd of 1.75 will bring $175 so $75 profit).

A combi tip (combination of tips) is a tip containing many multiplied odds in one placement (ie: 100€ placed with many odds = 1.82 x 2.13 = $387,66
Yes you can. It enables you to find better odds between different sites and get up to $1,000 in bonuses (usually $100-150 per sites) to start placing bets risk-free.
We offer different types of sports tips.

1/ Safe tips: Tips that are viable n-and have about 85% success rates. They usually have odds between 1.4-1.8 which makes them safer than hight odds.

2/ Combi tips: They are combinations of tips with odds that get multiplied, ie: 1.4 x 1.75 x 1.6 = 3.92. We'll offer games with up to 10 different odds so that you can get higher odds likely to happen.

3/ Fun tips: They are tips with very high odds, up to 5, with a 50% probability of happening.
When you create an account with a bookmaker, make sure that you ask for the bonus, usually between $50 and $150. Once you have deposited money, you can then use the bonus given to you to place your bets.
Unfortunately all sales processed are final and non-Refundable to any extent. Once you have subscribed and been sent our first tip and services, they are considered as consumed products and services and therefore not refundable. We do not take responsibility for technical issues that may arise for not receiving our bets and tips on your smartphone.
We work very hard to make for you to experience this model like investments rather than gambling but If you feel that placing bets has taken too much place in your life, please stop and see a specialist or visit
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