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You’ll get access to VIP services with a team of 3 sports experts providing the best sports tips on the market, with a success rate of 82% throughout the year.


  • Up to 4 daily tips.
  • Tips including safe tips, combi tips and fun tips
  • Analysis of all games
  • Analysis of predictions
  • Notifications of games
  • Bankroll management
  • Help & customer service

The Supreme price plan is $89.99. This plan gives you access to our VIP services for 6 months. At the end of this 6 months period, the subscription's price will then be $14.99/month and automatically charged from your bank account unless you decide to cancel it. You can cancel any subscription ANYTIME directly from your member's account or by emailing us at (cancellation processing time is 24 hours).

We pride ourselves in offering the best sports tips and services on the market. 86% of our members renew their subscriptions and enjoy some of the highest profits on the market.


By using our "10% strategy", you're guaranteed to make money in the long term and never run out of money. By using our tips followed by a mathematical approach to betting (10% strategy), we guarantee steady growth in the long term and complete protection of your budget. 

The way this strategy works is very simple. We allocate a percentage level to each bet depending on its likelihood of winning, ie: 10% of bankroll on bets with odds under 1.7 and 5% on bets with odds over 2. 

Table 1. Shows a steady growth using over 5 bets with a $1,000 bankroll.

By using the "10% strategy" + "compound profit" method, your bankroll/budget is no longer $1,000 but about $1140 after 3 bets*, increasing your daily budget every day. This way, we've managed to turn a $1,000 starting budget into $6,493 in 4 months.


Get started in 3 easy/5 min steps:

1. Choose this current plan, available with a 3-day FREE trial and cancellable anytime + join one or many betting websites for FREE to get up to $1,000 in bonuses to start betting risk-free (most betting sites offer minimum $100 bonus for joining).

2. Receive notifications about daily tips directly on your smartphone via emails and available in the VIP section of our website. 

3. Simply place your bets on the chosen betting site(s), following our tips. You can then withdraw the earning anytime from your smartphone.

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We guarantee the best sports tips on the market. We work tirelessly to offer the most viable tips for the best results and profits. Each sports tip is meticulously analysed and studied before it is offered to our members.


We do offer a 3-day free trial after which the amount of the chosen plan will be charged. You can cancel your membership/subscription anytime directly from your member's account or by email us at requesting cancellation. All cancellations have a 24 hours processing time. if your cancellation happens before the end of the month, you can still have access to our services until the end of the same month.


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